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Ihsan Kids

Our motto within our Ihsan Kids program stands firm throughout the school: A Good Education is Everyone’s Right; and our methodology and approach to educational development for younger children allows a level of freedom that really encourages individual progress and the discovery of new skills.

Our school day runs from 9am – 4pm at Ihsan Kids, with classes lasting 30 minutes and 10-minute breaks and changeovers in between. The Ihsan Kids center is housed in a self-contained building within the Ihsan main center, with a specially-designed kindergarten and separate extra-curricular space. The area is focused on providing opportunities for physical interaction with the students’ surroundings, with animals, plants and robotics housed within the building, and a large amount of staff to supervise and ensure safe interaction at all times.

For the Ihsan Kids program, we use the Learning Corner method of teaching, which is based on learning through play theories. In this method, student learn while they are playing different mirror real life situation.

Students can choose their activities from a prescribed range and they then are encouraged to work, individually or in small groups, in uninterrupted blocks of time within classes, which is a departure from other educational context. To facilitate this, the Learning Corner method is highly prop-focused, with students working with objects and physical aids and materials, which they use as a vehicle for discovering their own learning paths.

These materials are carefully designed to complement the specific context of a class, or learning objective, so that learners are guided towards a specific discovery in an environment with defined limits, but are free to experiment, discover and learn through trial and error within those limits.

Teachers of the Learning Cotner method are trained observers, like scientists, creating highly evaluative pictures of the students in their care, from which they can then design a reactionary curriculum that more closely meets individual learner needs, rather than following a fixed, dictated curriculum.

The Learning Corner method advocates a classroom that is clean, full of activities and nature and one that allows for plenty of physical movement and activity, but that sets defined parameters and limitations so that guided learning takes place.

For pre-school students, learning is centered around language acquisition, interaction with objects, numeracy and literacy and forming social behaviors and boundaries.

The classrooms are designed to be accessible for children, with furniture, shelving and materials all at floor level and a range of objects and activities available for interaction, which mirror real life tasks, the likes of which children may naturally mimic, having seen their parents perform the same tasks.

The Learning Corner method is the perfect curriculum choice for Ihsan, as it fits with our strong focus on adopting patient, inclusive behavior. It is a curriculum and a setting with no boundaries, that includes all nationalities, cultures, abilities, personalities and religions, and one that teaches young children to develop curiosity, confidence, self-control, calmness and interaction skills that will become the core of their personalities as they grow, pass through the education system, and begin their adult lives.

It is important within the Learning Corner classroom that children are left to experiment and learn, and this fits in with our classrooms for older children, in which the teacher is very much a facilitator. Thus, children attending Ihsan Kids are then much better prepared for modern, skills-based classrooms for higher age groups.

This method of teaching is also indicative of the belief we have in all children; that they are far more capable of learning through trial and error, and of teaching themselves, than society and traditional education has ever given them credit for. It is the innate ability to learn, adapt, overcome and develop that exists within all humans, and it is this which the Learning Corner program is so successful at developing.

In addition, students at Ihsan Kids will joine Let’s Contemplate with Annoos Curruculum, the comprehensive creative curriculum for building the child’s creative moral character.

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