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About Istanbul

About Istanbul

Istanbul is a unique city and truly a place to be experienced. It is the place where Europe and Asia meet, resulting in a diverse landscape, a multicultural environment and a quite incredible marriage of the historical and the modern world. One of the world’s most culturally significant cities, it is rich in architectural heritage and home to some of the world’s most impressive museums and World Heritage sites. Throughout the city, you can see the buildings and the legacies of history; Roman, Byzantine, Christian and Muslim, including the iconic Sultan Ahmed mosque (Blue Mosque).

Educationally, Istanbul is also one of the top student cities in the world, with a huge range of tertiary education institutions welcoming students from every corner of the globe. With such a diverse demographic comes the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a wide range of cultures, cuisines and interactions in a safe city that is used to multiculturalism. At Ihsan, we have a rich variety of cultural and social excursions right on our doorstep, bringing a diversity to our day-to-day curriculum that few other cities can match.

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