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The school is fully accredited and has successfully received approvals and licenses from various local and international governmental and accreditation agencies. Ihsan International School has secured full licenses and approvals by Ministry of National Education in Turkey, Municipalities, Ministry of Health. The name of the school is listed on the Turkish Ministry of Education’s website. Copies of the licenses can be shared upon request.

The school has successfully secured the accreditation of the following agencies:

- Ministry of Education of United States of America, California Department of Education:

- Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education.

- Cognia (formerly AdvancED)

- American International Accreditation Association of Schools and Colleges (AIAA):

- College Board: As an international test center for SAT Exam and AP courses.

- SAT: Scholastic Assessment Test:

- AP Student: Advanced Placement:

- ACT: As an international test center for ACT Tests.

Our building is accredited by Microsoft as a smart building.

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