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Learning Environment

Classes at Ihsan are centered around opportunities for active learning. One of the main principles of this is allowing students the time to think about their actions, responses and their own progress, and our teachers are trained in being more hands-off during these times.

Active learning also involves several types of interaction pattern, from pair work to seminar-style discussions, with students being encouraged to evaluate the input of their peers, rather like in a university environment. This develops their Higher Order Thinking Skills, preparing them for tertiary education environments.

Students are encouraged to question others and the teacher, as much as they are questioned themselves. An important aspect of education is developing a critical eye and learning not to blindly take information at face value.

Through group learning, students can learn from each other as well as actively contribute to a team effort. This uses a greater variety of skills than a typical individual, rote learning environment.

All learning and consolidation are done through contemplation and skills focus in the classroom; as this is the case, there is no need for homework at Ihsan. We help students use that time more effectively to experience a range of activities.

The teacher in our classrooms is a facilitator, providing input where necessary and setting up a range of activities in which students can participate, contemplate and reflect autonomously.

Building Facilities

Our building and associated facilities are modern and in line with what you would expect from the top international schools. Our classrooms are spacious, equipped with smart screens and lockers for all students.

There are also several laboratories for scientific and technological disciplines, which we have modelled on university-spec laboratories. We display student work in classrooms, corridors and public areas. We have a canteen and restaurant with an open buffet for students, serving a wide variety of food to suit all diets and cultures.

Kindergarten students are served three meals a day in our canteen, whose area comprises colorful, vibrant and seating areas.

Our auditorium can seat every student for assemblies, announcements, events and performances, and there are several social areas, with comfortable seating, communal technology, table tennis, table football and several screens, including our own cinema room, which is used for film screenings and educational TED lectures.

The building houses a stat e-of-the-art indoor sports center with excellent changing facilities and a swimming pool, which is fully equipped with flotation aids for new and less confident swimmers

Please visit the following website to preview our building and its facilities,


Lab lessons give students the chance to experiment, analyze, record and evaluate, making them valuable, multi-skilled learning opportunities. They also add variety to a curriculum, ensuring that students don’t get bogged down in one type of class, which can cause disengagement.

At Ihsan, we have 15 labs in the school building, covering Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

Our labs have been designed to be professional, safe working environments similar to those that students will experience at university, with an exceptionally wide range of equipment within the facilities.

Our science teachers are extremely knowledgeable and are all health and safety trained, ensuring that students understand key procedures and will act sensibly and respect the environment, to avoid any accidents.

Our computer lab is equipped with the latest smart technology, and we are constantly working on new lessons and programs that make use of the ever-increasing number of apps, add-ons and opportunities to use technology in the modern world. Our teachers are offered plenty of opportunity to develop their own technological skills, so that they are able to teach and lead more effectively in this particular type of class.


Our in-house library is comprehensive and stocked with reading material suitable for all age groups and abilities. We constantly update our stock, providing supplementary materials for teachers to use in the classroom, as well as reading material for students. Our library encompasses research, cultural, historical and Islamic literature, as well as language learning reference books for grammar and vocabulary, and graded readers matched to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

As part of our dedication to developing skills within our curriculum, we promote reading, research and learning new skills as part of our classroom activities. We teach students to use the library effectively and allow them the chance to carry out their own research and draw conclusions based on what they have read. We focus on developing critical thinking skills, including reading critically and fact-checking.

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