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Attendance and punctuality

Students must sign in every morning or for after school courses and sign out after every morning or after school sessions. We keep a record of all students' contact details (address, email and mobile number and next of kin).

We check student attendance every afternoon and follow up any unauthorized absence with a telephone call to the designated guardian the same afternoon.

If students are late in the morning without the school’s permission or knowledge, we immediately telephone them /their parents / guardian.

Information and records of absence are recorded on our student management software and parents are able to track attendance through the app.

It is very important that students are punctual to all classes and activities at Ihsan International School, as part of our school’s policy on maintaining and promoting excellence in all areas of school life.

Our educational management system is able to
track all aspects of attendance and punctuality on a
student profile and reports are available to
students, staff, management and parents.

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