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Food & Health

Food & Health

We provide students with a balanced diet of meals that combine the food groups and ensure that children get enough fruit and vegetables so that they have plenty of vitamins in their diet and can sustain a better level of energy throughout the school day. When designing our menus, we take into account all possible dietary requirements, including vegetarianism, veganism and gluten free diets.

We also cater for any allergies that students may have, and we ask parents to complete a form with these details prior to or upon registration to be able to prepare food accordingly.

Our canteen is maintained and managed to the highest possible food safety and hygiene standards, with a focus on using fresh ingredients with no additives wherever possible.

All the meat that we use is of course halal, and the people we employ to run the canteen and food preparation are all qualified and highly skilled.

We also help students to live healthier day-to-day lives by arranging a range of physical activities, such as sports, games and group activities. Inside the classroom, we encourage movement and often teach vocabulary through the use of Total Physical Response (TPR).


We are declared as the safe school by the government because of the keen hygiene practices that we have in place at school. We have employed a professional team of cleaning staff to ensure that all areas are sanitized and sterilized in advance of each new school day. We have a robust reporting system, ensuring that any hazardous materials or substances are located and removed as quickly as possible, so that children are safe in all areas of the school.

Ihsan School believes in instilling the right values in students and we try wherever is possible, to promote tidiness and cleanliness amongst our student body. We do not tolerate littering, a failure to tidy up after oneself or the use of chewing gum on school premises. By setting a good example for students ourselves, we hope that they will return that respect and treat Ihsan’s facilities with care and diligence.

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