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At Ihsan we offer you a great working environment that is both supportive and understands the importance of achieving a work-life balance. We provide an excellent working environment based in our new offices in Istanbul. We are always interested in meeting with potential candidates who demonstrate a keen interest in a teaching and facilitating career.

If you would like to work with us at Ihsan International School, we have an open and ongoing recruitment process for teaching and pastoral roles. We ask that you email your CV and cover letter to explaining why you would be a good fit for our institution. We carry out full criminal records checks and follow up on references for all roles, and you will be required to explain any gaps in employment.

Internships can provide both undergraduate and postgraduate students with firsthand experience of the real world of teaching as well as opening up a pathway to joining Ihsan International School when their studies are completed.

The Internship Program provides rigorous training and strong mentoring to those applicants selected. Interns are exposed to a wide range of methodologies and professional consulting tools during their time with Ihsan.

As an Equal Opportunities Employer, we employ teachers and staff of different nationalities, with no limitations on staff with the right to work in Turkey.

We accept applications from staff with all levels of qualifications and provide graded training programs to help less experienced staff members obtain the skills they require to be successful within Ihsan.

We are an equal opportunities employer and pride ourselves on inclusivity and exceptional working conditions. We are committed to professional development and welcome the opportunity to back motivated employees who are looking to further themselves within their chosen profession. Our professional environment is focused on creating a safe, secure community of motivated and enthusiastic employees who can pass on their expertise and passion for learning and development to our students.

We have excellent facilities for learning and activities and are technologically extremely advanced, with a focus on creating an exceptional learning environment, in which excellence can be achieved by our students and every single member of staff.

How We Assess Candidates:
    - Our recruiting team reviews all applications and select candidates to undergo the selection process.
    - This process requires at least two interviews, one of which will be at our Head Office in Istanbul.
    - Interviews include case-based studies; however, our main objectives are to:
       o Learn How You Think and Respond to Classroom Issues
       o Understand Your Key Strengths & Weaknesses
       o Gain an Insight into Your Motivation and Interest in education
       o Get to Know You Personally
       o Ensure You Learn about Our Firm & the Opportunity it Offers

    - At the initial interviews, candidates can expect to meet and interact with other members of our teaching team. Interviews are generally in two parts:

Case Study Interviews:

In the Case Study session candidates have the opportunity to think through a real classroom problem that would be typical of some of the challenges we face in classes. Candidates should try to take us through how they would perceive the problem what they see as the key issues to be considered and then, most importantly, give us a practical solution.

Candidates need to tackle the Case Study as if they were not meeting with us but meeting with our students. By imagine themselves solving the problem with the students they will be able to shine at this part of the interview process.

Experience & Expertise Interviews:

This is a more traditional interview process based on examining a candidate resume, their expertise and past experience. We want to understand how the candidate operates as a teacher or support staff, their level of independence and their ability to work within a team structure.

Overall, we want the interview process to be a comfortable and rewarding experience. We are looking for candidates to join our team. When offered an interview, candidates can assume that we are very interested in meeting them. We hope that these meetings will result in them joining us and having a long, successful and highly profitable career at Ihsan International School.

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