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Spiritual Education

Islamic Studies

At Ihsan, we run specially focused classes on Islamic Studies in Arabic. Our main focus is the core values of Islam in its role in society; discipline, behavior, etiquette and honesty are key focal points of our classes and helping students to understand their role in society as a follower of Islam.

Collective Worship

As an Islamic school, we halt classes once per day for 20 minutes of collective worship. We have a prayer room where students can join us, and facilities for pre- and post-prayer ablutions. We also have a longer prayer session every Friday and run regular mosque visits.

It is important to stress that we are an inclusive center and as a result, these prayer sessions are completely optional, with no pressure to attend. We have a bank of staff who are available to supervise children not attending collective worship, and we do not tolerate any form of judgement or comment on those who choose not to attend.

Training & Development

We provide ample training opportunities for our teaching staff, with the ongoing goal of allowing them to progress and develop their own ideas and structures within the Ihsan methodology.

We cover teaching skills, classroom management and dealing with different classroom issues.

But training is at the heart of everything we do at Ihsan, so the opportunities do not end with our staff and students.

As we are a technology-focused school, we recognize that all stakeholders need to be able to interact fully with our educational management system and application, so we also offer orientation training for parents, which is part-technologically focused but also includes a general orientation of the school, expectations and processes.

For parents of non-Turkish students, we also provide Turkish language training which centers mainly on soft skills; everyday interactions, behavioral expectations and cultural norms, to assist with integration. We encourage parents to request assistance whenever they have any issues, and we are always on hand to offer help, support and guidance.

We provide several training and coaching programs to help students meet their educational targets within Ihsan. This includes a broad subject focus; media, IT, soft skills, leadership, entrepreneurship, science, STEM and Robotics.

By mixing life skills with our curriculum with our training opportunities, we are helping students become more rounded, ensuring that they have a wide variety of skills that are neither wholly academic nor extracurricular.

Preparing students for their future academic path

At Ihsan International School, we believe in the futures of our students, and our courses are aimed at helping students prepare for their future academic journeys. For this reason, we offer careers advice and trips to established tertiary educational institutions and universities in Istanbul.

We use our contacts to offer tours, question-and-answer sessions and open forums, where students can discuss their aspirations and concerns, and get an early indication of what life is like in a university context.

Our curriculum is broad, allowing students to discover a range of subjects and disciplines. Through our motto of excellence, we aim to discover and nurture talent and passion within our students, helping them to develop interests, increase motivation and establish themselves in preparation for their academic futures and beyond.

Our academic management team is experienced in providing careers advice and counselling for students, helping them to consider specific university pathways, subject combinations and matched career paths, so that they have a clearer picture of their futures and their goals when they leave Ihsan International School.

Preparations for university enrolment exams such as Yös, SAT and Tömer are essential part of our education program.

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