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At Ihsan, we feel strongly about providing a range of opportunities for students to be physically active for health purposes, to help learn teamwork and build confidence, and to add variety to the curriculum

To support our vision, we have six playgrounds for open play and structured activities. Indoors, we offer table tennis and foosball. In addition, we have an indoor and outdoor basketball court, a tennis court and an area for football and other team sports.

Our swimming pool is well-equipped with a range of floatation aids, and we have qualified lifeguards on site to ensure safety and to help beginner and less strong swimmers improve their confidence and physical ability. As with the entirety of our curriculum at Ihsan, we are focused on inclusivity, so we provide low intensity and non-contact options as much as we cater for students who excel at sports.

We strive for excellence in sports as much as academia, offering competitions and prizes for exceptional students, and focusing on building confidence in every student. As with classroom learning, every student has excellence within them, and we are committed to helping students locate, realize and ultimately maximize their potential.

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