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At Ihsan, we don’t believe that our school is just a school. Education does not stop at the moment at which a pupil leaves a classroom. It is a more holistic experience, encompassing external experiences, team-building, sports, and interaction with the outside world.

We believe in providing our pupils with the necessary tools not just to take on information, but to apply it in real-life situations, making choices that lead to positive results.

It is important for us to prepare our students for their future education and lives, so we adopt a forward-thinking, modern methodology and approach to ensure that our graduates leave with a range of tools that they can take with them on their journeys through life.

Everyone has the right to a good education. Ihsan is an all-inclusive, multicultural school that does not build barriers to learning; it breaks them down. All are welcome at Ihsan; we treat everyone equally and we expect our students to do so too.

Our multilingual program and the wide range of subjects that we focus on, reflect this aspiration.

We provide multi-level courses and cater for children with learning and physical difficulties, with a strong focus on integration and unity within our institution.


The Ihsan Mission is to provide an exceptional level of education to all our students, regardless of age, background, culture and ability.

We use a modern approach, integrating skills, systems and extracurricular experiences to provide a holistic experience for our pupils, ensuring that they graduate with the best possible tools for success in the future.

We offer students the chance to develop as autonomous learners, taking into account levels of ability and confidence, with our teachers acting as facilitators and the onus on active learning. This caliber of education should be accessible to all, and we factor affordability heavily into our mission, as we strive to offer our courses at competitive price points, to account for a range of financial situations.

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