Our faculty are all certified and experienced, with wide-ranging training in classroom and negotiation skills.

We employ highly passionate educational staff and assist them with their CPD and development in classroom management, advanced IT skills, and presentation skills, as well as nurturing their talents in managing discussions, using the communicative method of teaching and in their ability to use a vast array of different interactive teaching techniques to add variety and value to our curriculum. We carry out thorough Criminal Checks and follow up on references for all new staff.

We offer a range of developmental and training courses for teachers of any level of experience and from any educational institution, as in-house courses.

We are committed not just to nurturing our own teacher development, but to helping to promote a higher standard of teaching within an educational context as a whole.

Training & Development

We provide ample training opportunities for our teaching staff, with the ongoing goal of encouraging them to progress and develop their own ideas and structures within the Ihsan methodology.

We cover teaching skills, classroom management and dealing with different classroom issues

Training and development are at the heart of everything we do at Ihsan, so the opportunities do not end for our staff and students.

As we are a technology-focused school, we recognize that all stakeholders need to be able to interact fully with our educational management system and application, so we also offer orientation training for parents, which is part-technologically focused but also includes a general orientation of the school, expectations and processes.

For parents of non-Turkish students, we also provide Turkish language training which centers mainly on soft skills; everyday interactions, behavioral expectations and cultural norms, to assist with integration. We encourage parents to request assistance whenever they have any issues, and we are always on hand to offer help, support and guidance.

We provide several training and coaching programs to help students meet their educational targets within Ihsan. This includes a broad subject focus; media, IT, soft skills, leadership, entrepreneurship, science, STEM and Robotics.

By mixing life skills with our curriculum with our training opportunities, we are helping students become more rounded, ensuring that they have a wide variety of skills that are neither wholly academic nor extracurricular.

Target Students

Our main school, K1-12 targets national and international promising students with a strong focus on multiculturalism. We currently have 35 different nationalities in our classes.

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