Welcome to Ihsan International School
Where A Good Education Is Everyone’s Right.


At Ihsan, we are constantly striving to provide the highest quality of education to our student body, using current methodology but constantly moving forward and training our teaching staff to follow educational trends as they arise.

Our school is extremely well-equipped with the
latest classroom technology for interactive learning
opportunities, and with provision of classroom
materials at the forefront of our minds.

Three Languages

We provide learning opportunities in three languages; English, Arabic and interactional and transactional Turkish, which acts as our lingua franca within our educational context.

Active Learning

We prioritize active learning, maximizing the opportunities for students to develop autonomy and to interact with different environments. Through a range of activities, our classes are memorable, varied and motivating for all learner and personality types.


Our institution provides more than conventional rote education, acting as a space for the development of both learning and life skills. We aim to help enrich students’ values while simultaneously promoting entrepreneurship, self-awareness and creativity.

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