We offer a range of activities and experiences to ensure that our students get the most out of their time with us and that they are enriched both educationally and personally.

Students get the opportunity to visit a range of workplaces and industries to get a feel for the world of work, as well as some of Istanbul's top universities, where they can look round, ask questions and experience the environment of a top-class tertiary education institution.

One of our main focuses is to equip students with a range of new skills outside the classroom as well as inside. We use this opportunity to engage with seven learner types, from kinesthetic to aural.

As we have a strong focus on Science within Ihsan, we feel it is important to offer students the chance to experiment in a safe, hands-on environment. Our lab sessions include professional instruction, experimentation, health and safety and training on how to set up, record and evaluate results.

As a modern institution, we are equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art technology for students to interact with. From year 6, all students are equipped with Chromebooks and Tablets and we run a paperless curriculum, including state-of-the-art smart boards in all classrooms and regular training and development sessions for teachers.

We place high importance to the study of and adherence to the Muslim way of life alongside all our main educational objectives. Therefore, we provide an engaging, in-depth, age-appropriate study program for our students, based on the Five Pillars of Islam.

Target Students

Our main school, K1-12 targets national and international promising students with a strong focus on multiculturalism. We currently have 35 different nationalities in our classes.

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