Parents Committee

Parents Committee

We aim to involve parents at every opportunity, and our parents committee is an extremely important part of this. This takes place in the form of a discussion forum, where parents can learn how the curriculum is progressing and our immediate plans for the school year. They are also free to make suggestions, discuss possibilities and contribute significantly to the ongoing growth and development of the Ihsan methodology, and the wider program as a whole.

Communication Channels

We use specific apps for communication with parents, teachers, other staff, management and students. As a technologically-focused institution, we offer full training to help with the integration into a paperless environment, in which live communication and updating is in place to ensure a logistically sound, better-run school for everyone.

We contact each parent on a weekly basis to provide updates on student behavior, health, happiness and educational progress. We try to involve parents in the curriculum as much as possible at Ihsan International School, and we look forward to speaking with parents at every opportunity.

We keep our social media channels updated regularly, with information and updates about events, social trips and more. We also showcase photos and videos of activities regularly.

We use both phone and email to update parents both about their children as individuals, but also on the curriculum, the school term and any important news or information.

We hold monthly parents' meetings, with the opportunity for parents to meet their children's classroom teachers and social leaders and get detailed progress reports. This is also an excellent opportunity to engage parents, getting suggestions and integration within the Ihsan curriculum.


We take all complaints very seriously at Ihsan, but we welcome feedback as a chance for us to improve our procedures. We have an anonymous complaints facility so that students can voice their concerns without fear, and we follow up all complaints, no matter how small.

Students, parents and staff should make complaints to a member of the management team, depending on whether the nature of the complaint is academic, social, related to facilities or behavioral.


Target Students

Our main school, K1-12 targets national and international promising students with a strong focus on multiculturalism. We currently have 35 different nationalities in our classes.

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