Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies

At Ihsan, we run specially focused classes for Islamic Studies and Qur'an Kareem in Arabic and English. Our main focus is teaching the core values of Islam and their role in society; discipline, behavior. Etiquette and honesty are key points of our classes to help students understand their role in society as a follower of Islam.

We have designed our Islamic studies curriculum based on Quran, Tajweed, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Tafseer and Tawheed.

Collective Prayers

As an Islamic school, we halt classes once per day for 20 minutes for collective prayers. We have a prayer room where students can join teachers and staff , and facilities for pre- and post-prayer ablutions. We also have a longer prayer session every Friday and run regular mosque visits.

It is important to stress that we are an inclusive center and as a result, these prayer sessions are completely optional, with no pressure to attend. We have a bank of staff who are available to supervise children not attending collective prayers, and we do not tolerate any form of judgement or comment on those who choose not to attend.

Collective Prayers

Preparing students for their future academic path

At Ihsan International School, we believe in the future of our students, and our courses are aimed at helping students prepare for their future academic journeys. For this reason, we offer careers advice and trips to tertiary educational institutions and universities in Turkey and in other countries like US, UK, Canada, Norway and many others.

We organize sessions with top universities in Turkey and abroad and work with partner companies, who support the students' application process for national and international universities.

Our academic coordinators and counselors play a key role in helping the students decide onto their career path as well as take the right steps towards it.
We have specialized preparation courses organized in school for SAT, AP, YÖS exam preparations.

In addition, we have Career development course as part of the curriculum for grade 11 and 12, to give them an opportunity to study about possible career choices and the future directions.

We use our contacts to offer tours, question-and-answer sessions and open forums, where students can discuss their aspirations and concerns, and get an early indication of what life is like in a university context.

Our curriculum is broad, allowing students to discover a range of subjects and disciplines. We have elective courses introduced in high school enabling students to choose subjects related to the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, Social Sciences and Arts. Through our motto of excellence, we aim to discover and nurture talent and passion within our students, helping them to develop interests, increase motivation and establish themselves in preparation for their academic futures and beyond.

Target Students

Our main school, K1-12 targets national and international promising students with a strong focus on multiculturalism. We currently have 35 different nationalities in our classes.

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